Naringre is primarily a Hindu populated village. The local language is the Malvani dialect of Marathi. The people in Naringre are peace-loving and God-fearing. Naringre has been inhabited for many centuries.


Important festivals celebrated are Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Shimga (Holi). Many families from Mumbai and other locations visit the village to take part in the festival celebrations.

Local conveyance

Private taxis and autos are available for local sightseeing. Public transport is also available.


Village Nirvana can be visited through-out the year. Winters are very pleasant with night temperatures in the range of 15-18°C. November to February are the best months to visit. June to September are monsoon months with very heavy rains and greenery all around.

Summers, from April to June, are hot, yet because of the greenery, is breezy during the day. Alphonso Mangoes, Cashew nuts and other fruits are available in plenty in summer season.


Village Nirvana is adjacent to the Maha Ganapati temple. We request the guests to maintain the decorum and sanctity of the place during the entire duration of the stay. We also request the guests to respect the sensibilities of the locals.

1. Are there restaurants around?

There are small kiosks that would typically serve Tea, Vada Pav, Bhajjis, Misal Pav, etc. There are a couple of home-eateries as well, that serve local cuisine (Veg or Non-Veg) by placing orders in advance.

There are restaurants serving varied types of cuisine (malvani, punjabi, chinese, south indian) in a driving time of 15 to 30 minutes. These include places like Aachara - 10 kms., Kunkeshwar - 12 kms., Shirgaon 20 kms. and , Devgad 20 kms.

Delicious home cooked breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner are available at the villa.

2. If I feel like, can I cook?

Yes, there is a fully-functional kitchen with help available for cooking. The kitchen amenities include refrigerator, cooking-gas, mixer and utensils.

3. Are there provision / shops around?

Nearby shops stock vegetables, provisions, food items, cold drinks, bottled drinking water, etc. Freshly baked bread is available on order.

4. Is there a Doctor available?

There are two full-time practicing Doctors and a Chemist shop close to the Villa.

5. How is the mobile network connectivity?

A major part of Village Nirvana is surrounded by hills on all sides. Mobile connectivity is therefore weak. MTNL / BSNL mobile services are available in most part of the village. Vodafone, Idea and Docomo are also accessible in some parts of the village. MTNL / BSNL / Vodafone is accessible in and around the Villa premises.

A land-line connection and WiFi is available at the Villa for communication and internet access.

However, the remoteness of communication serves as ideal get-away to create a serene environment far from the hustle-and-bustle of chaotic city life…

6. How is the environment for moving around during the day?

The local population is peace-loving and therefore it would be safe to move around in the village in the public areas. The village has a Police Patil (Constable), who can be contacted on phone in case of emergencies. There is also a 24hour Police check-naka, a kilometer away from the House, at the entry point of Naringre. One should, however, avoid going into private properties without the permission of the owners.

7. Are there insects and wild animals around?

The windows are covered with protective nets. Mosquito repellent vapouriser is available in all the rooms. Insect repellent rackets are also available. It is advisable to put the window nets around the twilight hour to prevert the insects getting into the house.

Monkeys do roam about in groups and one should be mindful. Occasionally monkeys do come near the Villa. At such times, it would be advisable to shut the doors.

There are dense forests around Villa. Sighting of snake or mongoose on a rare occasion is not ruled out. One should always be careful while walking, particularly in dark. Walking with a stick in hand gives comfort.

8. Is the water safe for drinking?

Fresh, clean and sweet well water is available through-out the year. The water is purified and is safe for drinking. One can also boil water if one so wishes.

Bottled drinking water is also available at the villa.